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Ultra Chem Technology is specialized at all the water treatment chemicals and services to help customers at keeping water systems running normally and stably.


Cooling water system chemical treatment

Pretreatment:corrosion prevention prefilming before recirculation cooling water system start-up
Phosphate based scale & corrosion inhibitor:scale and corrosion inhibition for middle or large cooling water systems
All organic scale & corrosion inhibitor:no heavy metal,low contamination, excellent scale inhibition. Better for the water system with scale tendency (LSI > 0) and preferred not to add acid.
Closed system corrosion inhibitor:Used in closed system to prevent the red water condition (corrosion problem).
Copper corrosion inhibitor:Inhibit copper corrosion.
Biocide:Inhibit the microbiological problems like algae, bacteria, fungi in the cooling water system.Including oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides.
Bio-dispersant:Strip and remove the bio-sludge and biofilm from the system by strong penetrating and dispersing functions.
Scale/deposit cleaner:Clean and remove the scale or deposition like calcium carbonate, ferric oxide, or silica scale.
Oil dispersant:Help to disperse the oil or grease from the water when the system has unusual oil and grease leakage.

Cooling water system chemical treatment
Boiler water system chemical treatment

Boiler water system chemical treatment

Boiler water conditioner:Prevent the calcium carbonate scale and adjust the boiler water pH.
Oxygen scavenger:Remove the dissolved oxygen from the water to prevent the serious corrosion caused by oxygenation.
Neutralizing amine (condensate treatment):The dissolved CO2 can produce H2CO3 in the steam condensate and make the condensate lower pH and pipeline acid corrosion. Neutralize the condensate pH to prevent the acid corrosion in the condensate system.
Dispersant:Disperse calcium phosphate, or ferric oxide kind of deposition in the boiler water and prevent the deposition in the boiler system.
Fuel additive:Improve the atomization of the fuel sprayed into the burner and prevent the carbon residue deposition. Prevent the low temperature zone and high temperature zone corrosion.

Waste water system chemical treatment

Polymer coagulant:help sedimentation in raw water and/or waste water treatment.
Polymer flocculant:bridging flocculation to improve floc sedimentation or sludge dewatering.
Heavy metal remover:remove heavy metal from waste water by efficient reaction no matter it is complexed or chelated
Deodorant:remove the odor resource H2S (hydrogen sulfide) in the waste water by chemical reaction to take out the odor problem
Biowish(Biological Product):a group of human friendly and beneficial bacteria and yeast without harsh chemical mixture. It is non-toxic and not harmful to human and animals. It is able to reduce BOD, COD, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, and eliminate bad odor.

Waste water system chemical treatment
Waste water reclamation/RO system chemical treatment

Waste water reclamation/RO system chemical treatment

Filter aid:Turn the smaller suspension particles to become bigger flocs and then increase the filtration efficiency of the filtering equipment to keep lower SDI of RO feedwater.
Antiscalant:dendrimer based antiscalant isolates individual ions before they are allowed to form crystals. Above all, dendrimer antiscalant do not contain phosphates, phosphonates,or polyacrylates.
Non-oxidizing biocide:proprietary formulated biocides especially for RO/membrane bio-inhibition with no harm,effectively keep RO/membrane from terrible bio-film growing and fouling.
Cleaner:proprietary formulated cleaner special for RO/membrane, small dosage and higher effectiveness. It is more harmful to use HCl and/or NaOH to clean RO/membrane.

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