Ultra Chem Technology is specialized at all the water treatment chemicals and services to help customers at keeping water systems running normally and stably, for example, waste water treatment systems, waste water reclamation/RO systems, cooling water systems, boiler water systems, and etc. Besides, we are glad to provide different kinds of water treatment equipments like filtering, membrane/RO, and so on.

The major products and services as following:

• RO antiscalant, biocide, cleaner (PWT distributor in Taiwan) used in membrane systems and esp.waste water reclamation systems.
• Waster water treatment chemicals like coagulant,flocculant, heavy metal remover,deodorant,biological products (bacteria & yeast).
• Cooling water treatment like scale and/or corrosion inhibitor, biocide, cleaner.
• Boiler water treatment like boiler conditioner,oxygen scavenger, neutralizing amine.
• Paint spray booth recirculation water system treatment like paint detackifier, flocculant, biocide.
• Water treatment equipments for pre-treatment or post-treatment.
• Other chemicals or materials, for example, recycling PET flake/ scrap

Technical Service

Our team has more than 14 years of professional experiences in water treatment. And we are always providing total solution services with customer-centric and highly efficient attitude and mind. To help customers improve system stability, sustainability & effectiveness, lower down running cost, and even increase productivity. Our general technical designing/planning process as following:

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